Better Together

Surface and Microsoft 365 streamline IT administration, improve security, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Surface is designed for the best of Microsoft software—Office, Windows, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft OneDrive. Because Surface hardware and Microsoft software are built together, your users experience a streamlined Office experience. You get the true power of professional-grade software that lets you collaborate with your teams from anywhere and streamline real-time collaborations. Surface reliability and security make sure you don’t skip a beat. You can defend your organization and prevent security breaches by enforcing more secure sign-ins with support for advanced security features built in to Windows.

And possibly more important to you, Surface devices are easy to deploy and manage, making getting ready for tomorrow and modern management easier. With Surface, you can tackle deployment requirements with simplified rollouts, durable hardware, and predictable device costs. Surface integrates seamlessly into your organization, offering easy deployment, management, and procurement. You can also move procurement from a capital expense to an operational expense with Surface as a Service (SaaS). Get the latest devices, software, accessories, services, and support on a cost-predictable, regular subscription basis. And, you can secure and manage firmware settings within your organization with Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM) and stay up to date on security features with the latest Windows 10 updates. 

With Microsoft Surface, you can stay competitive, manage change, and leverage the latest technology advancements so you’re ready for what’s next. Get the assurances of a trusted brand that has consistently delivered industry-leading innovation and is committed to powering future experiences.

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